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    ASD RZ-1 Sample collection. In the mid 1980’s the RZ1 came shipped with a cassette tape of sampled drum sounds to use in your sampling drum machine. The RZ-1 Sample Collection has been re-sampled at high quality 24 bit wav for adding some Old Skool spice to your modern productions. The sample pack features samples of the original drum machine, all of the drum / percussion samples from the cassette, some of the vocals from the cassette and ready to go drum loops.

    For an example of the RZ-1 in action check out Steve Poindexter – Work That, who used this drum sound heavily in his productions.

    12 Drum machine samples.
    91 Cassette tape drum samples.
    5 Vocals from cassette tape.
    21 Seamles drum loops
    59.2 MB size on disk
    24 Bit Wav

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