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All New Drum n Bass Glitch Loops & Grooves.

All New Drum n Bass Glitch Loops & Grooves. Made from sampling pots and pans and other junk. Processed with heavy glitch and bit crushing effects for extra crunch.
Repurposed Sound Bytes.
Sustainable Noise Loops.
Renewable Source Material.
Glitched Loops x 50
Bit Rate: 24 Bit
Sample Rate: 44,100 Hz
Size On Disk: 130 MB

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Drum N Bass Glitch – Loops & Grooves

Xtreme Glitch Loops & Stems – 112 Edition

Xtreme Glitch Loops & Stems made from renewable, sustainable, repurposed, natural field recordings heavily processed for added extra krunch.

Running at 112 BPM these loops and stems will fit seamlessly into any Glitch Hop/Trip Hop/Hiphop project, slot nicely into glitchy film/tv/animation and can be sped up to add color and texture to Jungle/Drum n Bass.

Size On Disk: 269 MB
Loops & Stems: x 67
Bit Rate: 24 Bit
Sample Rate: 44,100 Hz

Sample pack Available from our website shop

Xtreme Glitch Loops & Stems – 112 Edition

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Acid House Constructions – Multi Format Wav & MIDI

ASD Acid House Constructions features eight high quality tracks in easy to use wave and midi format. Seven authentic Acid House drum loops, each with full loop, stripped loop and two variations. Six Acid House basslines. Processed 808 and 909 drum kits.


Construction Kits
• Acid Junkie
• Acid Thunder
• Anti Acid
• Drop Me
• Light Color Sound
• Slo Mo
• This Ain’t Chicago II
• Where’s Your Acid?

• Africa
• Eden
• Jack To The Sound
• London Acid
• Oochy Acid
• Sharp Knife

Drum Loops
• Assortment With Variations

Processed 808/909 Drum Kit
• Full Kit

• 8 Construction Kits (Wav & MIDI)
• 6 Basslines (Wav & MIDI)
• 7 Drum Loops (MIDI)
• 28 Drum Loops (Wav)
• 27 Drum One Shots (Wav)
• 21 MIDI Files
• 24 BIT High Quality Wav
• 310 MB (Size On Disk)

Available from our website shop

Acid House Constructions – Multi Format Wav & MIDI

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High Tunes & Piano Anthems

Nothing makes you smile like a 90’s rave piano 
Multi format wav & midi Old Skool 90’s House & Rave Pianos sample pack.
A huge library of high tunes and piano anthems ready to drop in your project.
30 Piano Midi Files
30 Piano Wav Files
07 Drum Sounds
High Quality 24 Bit Wav

Available from our website shop

90’s House Pianos (Multi Format WAV & MIDI)

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How To Turn All The Tracks Down At Once (Without Bussing) Workaround – REASON 10


Reason 10.2 now allows you select all mix channels for adjustment.

Extra note: We are not affiliated with or sponsored by Propellerhead.

You’ve got a bunch of stems and they’re all banging away at 0db and you want to turn them all down, to give your plugins some headroom to work with. You could route them to a new buss and control the volume there but it’s not ideal. This work around shows a way to control the volume before the sound get to the mixer. (((Warning, sound levels go up and down. Do not adjust your set)))

Samples used in the demo available from ASD website shop @

Old Skool Hardcore Breakbeat Techno